Wednesday, April 6, 2011

.. Weighin' in Wednesday ...#4

well hello friend...

did your week go as planned...????

mine NEVER does..... and I am not someone who does well with "curve balls"... although, you'd think I'd get better, at either catching them or defending my self against them since I believe that is ALL that gets thrown in my direction.. usually at my HEAD...  now where DID I put that helmet..????

So of course my weekly plan ..not so good..
I did make a bit of progress in the "downward" dept.   YAYYYY!!!!

I lost about 1/2 a lb. ...down to 203 on the nose....

So lets see.. start week..207 ..week#2..203.6  ..week #3..203.8.. #4 203...lets hope the next curve ball knocks me out cold before I head for the chocolate .. ;)

Praying for you all too.. keep me in yours.. hoping to add more movement this week...


  1. I've been a bad, bad girl. I need someone to stand over me with a bullwhip and crack it everytime I even look at sugar. Oh wait, I do have a bullwhip...

  2. I was a better girl yesterday, no bullwhip needed.

  3. That's great Anita. I wish I was heading in that direction. Although I think I would be if I just disciplined myself a little more : |