Wednesday, March 16, 2011

..Weighing in Wednesday......

well today's a little cliche'...
but let me fill you in  on one of my "light switch" moments.. it happened last night while I was watching the show "Heavy" on TLC..(i think)... watching these people go away to "health" camp for 6 months.. and return home ALWAYS thinner.. and hopefully healthier for the long run...but even though I can't go away for 6 months.. (i wish) relearn how to eat and exercise .....I can be accountable.. to from now on.. On Wednesdays..(hopefully).. though it may not be a whole blog on weight and my struggle with it.. there will be a little blerb.. at the bottom... with the week number and where I am weight-wise.. and where I wanna be.. please bear with me.. this is a COMPLETELY NEW concept to me.. not necessarily the weightloss part.. that has yet to be seen.. but the documenting part.. feel free to join me if you the journey...either as a partner, a reader , or an encourager...all are welcome

So here we go.. Week #1.. the beginning.. start weight...207 lbs....let the journey begin..ending goal.. for the week...2lbs...the end result...somewhere between 135-150....right now to get rid of that "2" in front is more my goal...ughhh... :(

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  1. Hey girlie. I've been missing you posting. It sounds like a wonderful idea, one that I am totally on board with. That's one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. We need other people to be accountable to, we need to know others are with us and listening to us, and we need to have the courage to speak and know that our thoughts matter.

    I've been making some changes myself, and am starting to see results. The biggest shift has been mental. I didn't start a "diet" because I wanted it to be more than that. I had to change the way I thought about food. The most important way was realizing I was way too in love with sugar. Snacks were my addiction. I have to let the sugar go. I HATE even the thought of exercise, but God graciously answered my prayer and sent a friend to ask me to be her walking partner. We started this week. So far I've shed about eight pounds. I've gone up and down in those eight pounds a little, but I keep an eye on it so I can see where I'm making mistakes and figure out how to correct it. I've rambled way too much for a comment, sorry. Here goes--starting-177, current-169, goal-134.